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On November 4, 1991 a major storm, originally referred to as the "Halloween Nor'Easter" and hence recoined the "Perfect Storm" by a meterologist and made famous by Sebastian Junger's book, harrassed boats from Nova Scotia down to the New Jersey coast.  The 70' longliner Andrea Gail went down in that storm and with her went the crew of swordfishermen Captain William "Billy" Tyne, Robert "Bobby" Shatford of Gloucester, Dale Murphy and Michael "Bugsy" Moran of Bradenton Beach, Florida, David "Sully" Sullivan and Alfred Pierre of New York City.  While UFiSH is generally against the practice of longlining due to it's indescriminent method which kills many juvenile fish, sharks and other overfished species, we still must recognize the hard life of work & risk these men endure to bring swordfish steaks to the voracious consumer seafood market.

... In these pages are links & pictures related to the Andrea Gail, Swordfishing, Longlining, Glouchester MA & Nova Scotia ...


The Perfect Storm Foundation, based in Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a non-profit, charitable organization.  Inspired by the fishermen he met, the author of the book, Sebastian Junger, established The Perfect Storm Foundation. Junger wants the children of fishermen to benefit from the kinds of opportunities he experienced growing up, that made it possible for him to write The Perfect Storm. The foundation will provide cultural and educational grants to children, nationally, whose parents make their living in the commercial fishing industry...
Check out their actual Picture of the Andrea Gail!


The Andrea Gail sailed from this historic seaport...  Visit this site to learn more about the city, it's rich fishing past, a glossary on Seaman's terms, and lots about all the ships which have been lost at sea since the early 1800's to modern times.  Lots of interesting pages, stories, pictures & links... 
A must see site...

Fishing? It was "A WAY OF LIFE"
Lost At Sea 

This page is dedicated to Atlantic Canada fishermen and mariners lost at sea, their families and survivors. And to all those from the US East Coast and other countries who were also lost at sea.  References to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Gloucester, Sable Island &  the Grand Banks.  Sister site to DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS.


Cape Ann is comprised of the communities of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester-by-the-Sea.  You will find lots of local flavor and information on these MA fishing towns...


From the book of the same name from Joseph E. Garland...  "...as we observe the passage of 375 years since Gloucester's settlement in 1623 by a ragtag crew of fishermen from Dorchester, England, we face the onrushing pace of the millenial urgency that grips the globe. But I decline to be stampeded. Strolls and rambles are in shorter supply and more demand than ever. óJoe Garland, 1998"


Yup those same people who make fishsticks have a web-site from their homeport of Gloucester.  Nice site with Seafaring Tales, the story of the Company's origins, Cookbook & Catch of the day Recipes, Merchandise & a thorough Fish Glossary to list a few of their highlights...
(The GORTON fisherman looks alot like the Gloucester Fisherman statue & monument.. Coincidence....I don't think so...)

The Last Great Fishing:
The Swordfisherman

From Aquanet on Block Island, an article on how Swordfishing WAS and won't ever be again.  Descriptions of how commercial fishermen used to hunt swordfish by harpoon...

Bodin Historic Photo

Photographer Fred Bodin displays and sells prints from his collection of over 9,000 glass and film negatives. Fred hand prints, sepia tones, and frames each photograph himself, using archival museum quality materials. Subjects include beaches, hotels, landscapes, people, and the famous sailing schooners of New England. ...

Cape Pond Ice Cape Pond Ice Company is a full service ice manufacturer located on the waterfront in Gloucester.  Their  "Cape Pond Ice - The Coolest Guys Around" shirts are quoted in the "The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger and for sale online on their site.
Les Nagy of Artsea Photographics has been a commercial fisherman most of his adult life.  With an avid interest in photography he has compiled a gallery of images while at sea or around the surrounding waterways including a one of the kind shot of the F/V Andrea Gail herself.
Featured Picture of the Andrea Gail at sea!
The Crows Nest Offering drinks, lunch and accomodations on the working Gloucester waterfront for over 25 years and where the crew of the F/V AG spent most of their shore leave.  Room rates, info, online merchandise and a picture galllery.
Coast Guard
Perfect Storm Page
Great one of a kind pictures and text from the storm.  View real pictures from the rescue of the sailing vessel Satori in heavy seas, CG views along with pictures and info of the CG Cutter Tamaroa and the part she played.  For the official word, check out the Coast Guard's Marine Casualty Reports on the Fishing Vessel Andrea Gail
The Weather
Discovery: The Storm The Discovery Channel has put online a version of it's related on-air show about "The Storm".

NCDC Storm Data

The National Climatic Data Center put up a page concerning the details of the storm...

Forcaster's Retrospective

Senior Forecaster WFO Taunton - Walter Drag, recalls and lists various information on the storm and it's weather related components and statistics.

Wave Ht Animation

Weather Loop of the Storm and chartered/calculated wave-heights and directions from the 

Marine Prediction Center

The MPC played an important part in forecasting "The Perfect Storm".  Questions and Answers about the MPC and marine weather forecasting.  MPC Operations Center, Position of the Andrea Gail at the last known radio contact the evening of October 28, 1991. Fishing vessel in heavy seas, info on Rogue waves...


The Movie
Cinemenium.com The Perfect Storm fansite!  A comprehensive site including actual images and info on the storm of 91 along with stories and information on the movie.  Info on the movie, cast, book, trailer downloads, discussion board and behind the scene information.
Upcomingmovies.com The scoop on the movie starring George Clooney.  Neat site for movies in the making.
Corona.bc.ca/films Film information & notes...
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from UFiSH
Longliners like the Andrea Gail are coming under increasing pressure and criticism given their method of fishing and large amount of 'by-catch'.  There is currently a Swordfish Boycott going on, and this page will provides insight into that debate...

Search & Rescue & Other Losses

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